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The site is updated daily with breaking and current information for coin collectors. Mint, world mints, news that affects bullion prices, coin shows, and auctions. Although Heritage is the leading seller of rare and valuable coins and currency, the average collector may also purchase affordable items for their collection. Their searchable database of more than two million coin auction records includes detailed information, catalog descriptions, and prices realized. All of their auctions are fully accessible over the Internet. However, be forewarned that a 20 percent “buyers fee” and shipping charges will be added to your final invoice total.

Ancient Anglo-Saxon coins worth up to £20k discovered in Ongar field by detectorist after years of searching – Essex Live

Ancient Anglo-Saxon coins worth up to £20k discovered in Ongar field by detectorist after years of searching.

Posted: Sun, 18 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

WikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 40 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it GMT our reader-approved status. CoinSnap is the perfect app for coin enthusiasts of all levels. From beginners to experienced numismatists, CoinSnap has something for everyone. From that point, finding a mint mark will help narrow down exactly what coin you have. If the text is in a language you understand or can translate, this can help identify what region this coin is from.

SOLD 1804 Half Pice Tarazu…

Use the coin calculator to learn what the base metal content of your coins is worth based on the spot price of their underlying metals or by another value of your choice. The World Coin Price Guide is a complete catalog of values for World coins from 1600 to date. Found at, it is the most comprehensive online valuation guide available, and is free to all users. Quality – And obviously, all coins are not aesthetically equal.

  • By no means is this an exhaustive resource for world coin collectors.
  • Professional coin appraisers and dealers can give you the most accurate, up-to-date value of your coin.
  • Quality – And obviously, all coins are not aesthetically equal.
  • The shopping section covers all of the currently available mint products.
  • To see demand in action, look at the prices on eBay’s coin and paper money page – when more people want to buy a certain item , the price often goes up.

The “Quantity” field expects number of coins to be measured (e.g. 20 dimes), and the live 24-hour silver price is the default value for silver price. You’re free to change the silver price if you want to see what a certain coin would be worth at a different value. All collectors and dealers are encouraged to submit their articles, discoveries, and scans of their certified major mint errors to Mint Error News for review and publication. One of the most authoritative world coin price guides is the NGC World Price Guide. This database of world coin prices is fully searchable and covers world coins from 1600 to date.

Silver Half Dollars

I’ve been a collector for over 20 years now, from BC to present day as you can see! This is a great article; no matter how much you know, there are always new things to learn and room for improvement, so thank you.” About 3-5 dollars, depending on the date and condition. Hundreds of millions of those exist, so they’re not rare.

Is CoinSnap a free app?

Try out CoinSnap app on your phone and identify thousands of coins for free.

Search COMPLETED listings that HAVE RECEIVED BIDS – many people LIST a coin for a specific amount but it never sells. Searching Active eBay Listings will only show you what people hope to get for their coins. COMPLETED listings will show you what someone was actually willing to PAY for the coin. Authenticity – The fact is, significant numbers of counterfeit coins are sold as authentic coins by unscrupulous people to uninformed buyers. The large numbers of fakes made in China makes this a particularly challenging problem today. Fake coins are worth far less than their authentic counterparts, if they have any worth at all.

The buyer’s fee is one of the lowest of all online auctions at only 10 percent with a minimum of $5 per coin. This complete catalog of world coin values was created through a partnership with NGC and Krause Publications’ NumisMaster. The information is arranged by Krause-Mishler catalog numbers and includes coin values, images, and specifications such as weight, composition, bullion value, artist/engraver, and edge type. In addition to the Total Silver Value , the Australian silver coin calculator will also figure a Bid and Ask price based on the value displayed in the Price Spread text box. This value defaults to 5%, but can be changed if you wish.

Cambridgeshire misspelt Victorian silver sixpence a rarity, say experts – BBC

Cambridgeshire misspelt Victorian silver sixpence a rarity, say experts.

Posted: Sun, 22 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Furthermore, you can record and store your collections directly within the CoinSnap app, so you never lose track of your collectibles and are always aware of the value of what you have. The app also permits you to arrange your collections by coin series. In these cases especially, color and size can be very important for narrowing down what you have. The date, country of origin, and denomination should help identify the major series of coin. If the coin identifier above does not identify your coin, then follow these steps to figure out what type of coin you have. Our coin checker works by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to recognize images.

The PCGS is generally considered much more reputable than the NGC, but their services tend to be pricier. It’s not like NGC’s appraisals are bad or anything, they just tend to be a little less thorough. If there is no date on the coin and it has a really rough texture, you probably have a hammered coin, which are generally very rare and expensive. If the coin isn’t in English, see if you can identify the language first. Search online to find the specific language on your coin.

How did I sell my old coins?

There is various website to which you can contact and sell coins and notes. They will, in return, give you a huge amount. The complete process of selling the coins includes various online platforms like OLx, eBay, Indian Coin Mill, etc.

In addition to the current news topics, the site also provides coin-collecting tools that any coin collector will find useful. The world coin section mostly focuses on Canadian and Australian coins. By no means is this an exhaustive resource for world coin collectors. Other tools on the website include current bullion prices, an inflation calculator, and an international currency converter. The Newman Numismatic Portal was founded by a grant from one of numismatics great coin collectors Eric P. Newman.

They’ll also take into account what similar coins have been selling for lately. If you do want to have a coin cleaned, talk to an professional coin dealer or appraiser first. Some coins are indeed worth more when they’re cleaned, but it depends on how they’re cleaned. Use the year and image on the coin to run a Google search.

Ten different circulating U.S. coin worth finders can be selected in this calculator. The “Coin Dollar Total” field expects the face value total of the coin you’re trying to measure (e.g. $10.00 in quarters). The results page will tell you how much metal value is in your coin value total and pound weight of each metal. Find out what coin you have using our coin image recognition search. Select an image of your coin to identify it – upload an image of the front of a coin to identify what type of coin it is. The prices listed in our database are intended to be used as an indication only.

american numismatic association

If your coins are not graded, or have been graded/certified by a company other than PCGS or NGC, you should contact a reputable coin dealer or attend a coin show to help determine the value. GreatCollections was founded in 2010 by Ian Russell as a new coin auction house to serve the rare coin and bullion community. Check recent eBay’s recently sold listings for a real-world price. EBay has a dedicated section of their store for collectible coins and currency. It’s the site most coin collectors use to buy and sell their pieces. Search for your specific coin and then select the “recently sold” tab to see what people are actually willing to pay right now for your coin.

The Numismatic Association’s offers a list of dealerships by state. You might also want to try the Professional Numismatists Guild’s Dealer Directory, or the Professional Currency Dealer Association. If you want someone to appraise your paper money, the Society of Paper Money Collectors recommends that you visit a professional currency dealer. Snap a photo of the coin and use Coinoscope to identify it.


In a situation where we feel like there might be a better or more logical buyer, we can refer that person to you free of charge. We are in the business of buying and selling coins because we have a passion for coins and the history they represent. Please give us a chance to share our knowledge with you.

Comprehensive specifications such as designer, diameter, weight, and mintage are also presented. Rounding out the information is detailed population reports, price guides, and recent auction results. We remind you that in most cases, these junk silver coins will be worth more than their silver melt value. Most of these coins in good condition or better will have numismatic value so they can sell for a premium on the open market.

Scroll through a catalogue to find your specific coin. Scroll through the images from that era to look for your specific coin. Wayne, a Maryland native, specializes in finding rare coins and putting them in the hands of high net worth collectors. James specializes in rare United States copper and silver coins issued between 1792 and 1900.

You can find the nearest numismatics club by looking through the American Numismatics Association directory. Coins are rated from mint condition, all the way down to poor . There’s no faster way to ruin the value of a coin than to try and clean it to remove tarnish, dirt, and whatnot. In fact, a dirty coin is often worth more than a cleaned-up version of the same coin.

  • The highlight of this website is the free and fully downloadable Mint Error News Magazine.
  • Enter the total quantity of coins for each type of Australian silver coin in the entire coin lot.
  • Finally, auction records and blogs are provided to help researchers and coin collectors stay up-to-date on current topics and market trends.
  • If you have done your research and can TRUST your dealer, you can usually feel confident that you will receive fair value for your coins.

Users are strongly encouraged to seek multiple sources of pricing before making a final determination of value. CDN Publishing is not responsible for typographical or database-related errors. Your use of this site indicates full acceptance of these terms. The World Coin Price Guide was independently compiled by Active Interest Media’s NumisMaster. In some cases, NGC has made adjustments or edits to the prices, descriptions and specifications.

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